Some Of The Most Popular Website Directories ?

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Some Of The Most Popular Website Directories ?


Are you there wondering which is best website directory that you can use to boost your site(s)? If this and many more related questions have been pondering your mind, then worry no more as this article is there to solve your problem once and for all. Website directories are so many that bloggers, website providers, and the general internet users are confused to know the right and the most popular directories to use. As a blogger/website provider, after identifying the best directory, then what is remaining is for you to submit your site(s) to be hosted so that you can start getting traffic (internet users). In this regard, after a careful research and analysis of various directories, some were identified as the most popular as it offers the best services to its clients, and it includes the following:

· Family Friendly Sites Directory

· Kahuki Directory

· Incrawler Directory

· Rakcha Directory

· Greenstalk Directory

· Agent Directory

· Goguldes Directory

· Splash Directory

· Enquira Directory

· Clush Directory

· Al S Links Directory

· Octopedia Directory

· Skaffe Directory

· Info Listings Directory

· Links 2 Go Directory

· Global Weblinks Directory

· Dmoz Zilla Directory

· Global Link Networks Directory

· Gimpsy Directory

· Business Directory

· TWD Directory

· Zorg Directory

· World Site Index Directory

· Data spear Directory

· Most Popular Sites Directory

· The Librarians’ Internet Index Directory

· All Buziness Directory

· Aviva Directory

· Lobo Links Directory

· Dir Journal Directory

It should be noted that the list above is only for the most popular website directories. Some directories have been left intentionally, implying that they are not as popular as the ones stated above. In addition, some directories have been left because they are either too expensive (like the Yahoo! Directory and BOTW Directory) or your site(s) can take too long before they are approved, yet you want a quick way to boost them (such directories include DMOZ Directory and Illumirate Directory) However, there are no specific details provided for each of the above directories; and therefore, the viewer is supposed to read between the lines so that he/she can extra the key points and look for link building resources to access the directory.


The above lists is not like a stone which is there for the rest of its life, but website directories change quite often. In this regard, some of the website directories not in the list as at now, might improve its services tomorrow, and there is no reason why it not should be included as the one of the popular directories. Nevertheless, at the moment, the above are the most popular and its service provision to clients is beyond reproach. Thanks.

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Website Directory

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Website directories

A Website Directory is a database on the World Wide Web specializing in linking to other web sites and classifying those links. The classification is usually based on the entire web site, not just one page or a set of keywords. Sites are often restricted to inclusion in a few categories only. Web directories usually allow web site owners to submit their web sites for inclusion, and editors review the submissions to verify their fitness for submissions.

Features of Website directories

Features in listing provided by web directories usually depend on the price you pay for you website inclusion. When your website is indexed in a good directory, it can greatly increase exposure and traffic to your website. The following are some of the most common features

· Free included link submission. There is absolutely no charge for the listing and review of a website.

· Reciprocal link. For you to be listed in the directory, you must provide a link back to the directory.

· Paid submission. A recurring fee or a one-time fee for listing or reviewing the link submitted

· Bidding for position. Web sites are ordered based on the bids.

· Sponsored listing-relevant links are given a premium position in one or many categories.

· �Not follow attribute’ implying that search engines will not give prior to your link.

Rules of Web Directories

· Posts, topics and featured link submission should be in the language indicated by the directory

· You are free to share your knowledge, learn, ask for help, and announce your services in the webmaster market debate.

· Offensive language leads to termination of membership on the directory.

· You are allowed to link to a relevant post as part of your response.

· Private message styled in the form of spam is strictly forbidden.

· Gambling, masked links and adult links are strictly prohibited.

After deciding to be indexed in a directory, start off by registering yourself with a good directory by either placing an order or filling out a form online. You will be asked to provide information such as your name, mailing address and email address. Web directories collect this information so as to provide enhanced customer support, to send periodic mails and to process all transactions


In order to benefit most from web directory services, ensure that you give correct information so that your web directory service provider can effectively respond to all your support needs. Whether you want to improve search engine rankings or increase traffic to your, a website directory will solve all your problems.

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Do people still use Website Directories?

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Do people still use Website Directories

Web directories are no longer as popular as they used to be prior to the invention of search engines. However, it would be very wrong to say that website directories are not in use anymore. Businesses still use them for a number of reasons such as;

Web indexing advantages

The main reason why websites are submitted to directories is website indexing. Also known as internet indexing, website indexing involves matching keywords to and websites. This way the search engine can display only websites that match a search query. This can be invaluable for example when you have a new website that search engines don’t know about yet.

Many businesses list on more than one directory for greater visibility.

SEO benefits

Every business knows the benefits of ranking highly on search engine result pages; the visibility and exposure is simply unrivaled. One factor that contributes to favorable rankings is the number of inbound links especially one-way links; the higher the number of links, the better it is for your website. If your website is listed on a directory that is crawled by Google, every link to the directory counts in your favor! This could hugely boost your SEO endeavors.

However, this only works for directories that are crawled by search engines, some are not.

It is more rewarding than “simply” trading links with other sites

Many sites trade links in a bid to build trade networks which is not a bad idea. What business owners have to realize is that simply exchanging links with websites that are not related to your business goes some way in weakening your network. Searchers looking for particular information usually use resources linked to a number of sites related to the information they seek. This is what makes directories a much better choice.

In directories, websites are categorized according to topics. In a single click a person is able to find a variety of resources to the sought information. Imagine your website being part of the resources!

It is free to list on most website directories

With all the benefits of website directories, the fact that most directories don’t charge a single cent for listing should be enough reason to submit your website.


Once you have made up your mind to list your website on a directory, the next step is identifying the best directory for you. As already mentioned, some are crawled by search engines while others are not. Some directories are also known to give some traffic to different sites depending on several factors. These are some of the things you should consider when making the choice.

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